If you or a loved one have suffered injuries from a delayed diagnosis of meningitis, our Grand Rapids Michigan spinal meningitis lawyers may be able to recover money for you.

Meningitis can present in many ways. Sometimes it is a slowly progressing disease. Other times, it can strike in hours. Especially in children under two years old, a doctor must be very careful and maintain a high degree of suspicion. Many diseases create a fever and sometimes meningitis presents without a fever. Also, symptoms may include drowsiness, confusion, headaches, or vomiting. Meningitis can cause seizures. It can cause irritability, and a lack of appetite. In young babies, the soft spot on the top of the head may become hard and bulge out. After the first year or so, it can also create a stiff neck. Confusion may be present in older children.

If there is a suspicion of meningitis, a spinal tap is needed to test the spinal fluid for signs of infection. For bacterial meningitis, treatment requires the rapid administration of high-powered antibiotics. Time is of the essence. Generally, oral antibiotics are not strong enough to be effective, but may cause the symptoms to be less pronounced and the course of the disease to be somewhat slower. Advanced bacterial meningitis can lead to brain damage, coma, and death. Survivors can suffer long-term complications, including hearing loss, mental retardation, paralysis, and seizures.

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