Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider, doctor or hospital typically, makes a mistake (breached their duty of care) that causes harm (damages) in their treatment of a patient.  A person must prove that the doctor or hospital treating them made a mistake that caused them harm. A mistake is made when a doctor or hospital failed to give care to the patient that another doctor of the same training and skill would have given in the same situation. This failure to act is a breach of the duty of care for that specialty in medicine. No other doctor would have given treatment in the same manner as the treating doctor who made a medical error that caused harm. A mistake in judgment is not necessarily malpractice.  The person injured has the burden of proof to show the doctor failed to meet the acceptable standard of care. You must have enough damages to make it worthwhile to pursue the claim.  Medical Malpractice claims are expensive to pursue. Krupp Law Offices offers a FREE CONSULTATION to review your claim.

Does a bad outcome mean that medical malpractice occurred?

Just because you experienced bad medical treatment does not automatically mean that a medical malpractice has occurred. A bad result can be caused by an unknown or unexpected complication or a known risk for that treatment. Complications are part of medical treatment and are not generally considered to be malpractice. Most complications are described on the consent for treatment form that you are asked to sign before you are treated. Common complications can include infection and bleeding.

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