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What are the steps of a Medical Malpractice Case In Grand Rapids MI

A medical malpractice case starts with a phone call to the attorneys office.  At that point the attorney can initially review the facts to determine if there is a claim.  the more information you have the better the initial evaluation.

At that point, there is an office or hospital visit to get more details about the injury and the facts of the medical malpractice.

At this point, medical records are ordered and an expert doctor in the area of practice reviews the facts and the record.  If the doctor believes there is a claim for medical malpractice, then he completes an affidavit that states the facts and basis for medical malpractice claim.  This affidavit of merit is sent to the doctor or hospital for review.  During the review, a law suit cannot be filed.  This was designed to avoid law suits.  it rarely settles before a law suit is filed.

After the law suit is filed, more information about the case and facts are gathered between the attorneys (discovery).  After discovery, there are settlement conference with the judge and case evaluation (to try and settle the case).  At this point most cases are settled and do not go to trial.

If the case is not resolved, then there is a trial to determine if there is medical malpractice.

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